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7 proven ways to gaining self confidence.

Everyone looks in the mirror, see themselves and smile because they love their looks, they're so confident in it that they can go anywhere and approach anyone, but this wasn't the same case with me. What's worse than being shy?,  It's having low self esteem.
        In trying to gain self confidence there are steps you must take just as I did and these are:

1.  Acknowledge the problem.
   I grew up indoors, trusting my head more than people's words. It made me understand less about jokes, less about how people interact and how to fit in but amidst all this, my greatest problem was CONFIDENCE in myself. I had low self esteem because I didn't trust my looks. I'd see others and I'd wish to look more like them because I love the way they look more than the way I look. I'd always wish for a face change.
          This made me not to like jokes nor interact with everyone. People are used to hurling insults whenever they feel offended and it mostly gets on my wrong side, “See your big eyes, see your lips”. Then it'd make me rage a lot and I'd cry to myself because I felt offended, like those words are true but one day I had the chance to sit and think. I asked myself, “Was I created just to look good and impress people?. Is my only purpose looking at the mirror and feeling impressed?”.

2. Change your mindset.
 Truthfully, the way I loook should be the least of my worries but it's not like that anymore. Everyone's cyyoncerned about how they look and they've becomed focused on how they're meant to look, not how they are A PERFECT BODY.
     There's nothing such as a body being perfect. A body without flaws, excess fat or stretch marks is something you see in Cinderella, a work of fiction. Unfortunately you see girls trying to reduce their weight because they believe being thin is the trend now. Well, shame on that thought. Why would you bleach because you hate your skin colour and you believe being light attracts people more?. This isn't related to girls alone as guys also try to build '6 packs abs' and would do anything for it.
I recently asked a friend why he's interested in building his physique and he said “This is what girls love nowadays. If I should take off my shirt, she'll fall for me”. I was surprised because I asked myself “Is it only looks and physique girls care about?”. Come to think of it, most people aren't interested in someone who can't bill all their needs and there you are, body building and dieting because you want someone to crush on you.

3. Love yourself.
You see kids as young as 7 years old wanting to diet, all because they're ashamed of their body. I once saw a movie where a teenager's inner self almost killed her because she was ASHAMED OF HER BODY. It's not a work of fiction, it's the truth. Why go to the extreme by changing things about your divine body all because you don't look like the  'PERFECT'  human.

          So far I'm healthy, shouldn't my looks be just my concern. I shouldn't be stereotyped just because I don't look 'PERFECT'.

4. Redefine perfection.
Come to think of it, what does the world mean by perfect?. Is it the figures magazines portray with their models that's perfect?. Let's forget about religion, I'm sure whoever the creator is, he created us in different designs so we don't look identical. Every single person has a unique feature and that's what makes them special. I HAVE A BIG HEAD?.. Think of all I'm to accomplish with it.. BIG LIPS?.. Maybe, just maybe it's meant to deliver the world from its shackles since the mouth is a powerful weapon.. FAT STATURE?.. Lol 😁.. The creator knows I'll be facing a lot of windy situations but it mustn't carry me away because I have a lot to deliver.

       More so, when we were created, if we were made perfect, then now that we're on Earth, how come we keep on failing to create a perfect machine. Maybe that's because our imperfections are exactly what makes us perfect.. Crazy right?.

5. Change is constant.
        The same person you're dieting for, working out for, have you ever thought of the fact that the person's taste could change?. Whoever will love you will love you for who you are. Beauty isn't a prerequisite for love, it's a prerequisite for lust. The person meant for you will love you for who you are. Be successful in your endeavors and you won't need to run after people, regardless of how you think you look.

6. Gain confidence.
If you want to live your life without the low self esteem that your body causes, then be clean and healthy always; It gives a sense of confidence. Never listen to what everyone says; Insulting people's body is a way they cover up for their own flaws. Also, look for something that you feel connected to. Doesn't have to be love, probably taking pictures of nature, cooking or baking, travel, go canoeing, eat delicacies from different parts of the world and do it with people who care about you.

7. Grow your confidence.
Doing the things that makes you happy will help a lot.
Always be with successful and positive minded people, people who make you want to think about something meaningful to do, something beneficial to the world.
The biggest work likes with you though.
Always be positive and confident in yourself. You look the best you can. Be confident.
Don't go trying to make corrections to things the creator has already perfected. You're already perfect the way you are, all you have to do is believe it.
The creator created us with respect to himself. What could be more honorable?. Let's be proud of that.

Wow.. If you're still reading, seems it really caught your attention.. I hope it helps you positively.. Thanks for your time..

Written by Osingunwa Nelson.


After securing admission into the university of your choice,the faculty and course you earnestly prayed for. You feel on top of the world,you become king of hearts and ladies queen of the coast.

You feel like you've achieved something nobody else has achieved,you on top of the academic ladder true it's the last phase in academics though,you even start choosing class of friends to talk to"my medicine and law freshmen "I know it ain't easy gaining admission to study this top courses,utmost respect for you guys.

The next thing you think of is turning your body to a fashion catalogue,the latest gucci,moschino,versace,celine dior and to the ladies you get the latest khloe lipstick. All this are really good seriously though fashion is life also life isn't about fashion or class. An adage says as you lay your bed so you lie on it,why not use your freshmen life to start laying the most exquisite bed you ever thinked of, laying those goals for your life should be more of interest to you.yoruba says "ati okere Jin Jin Ni elekun ti mu ekun sun." Start that preparation for your life now.

I see many youths or let me say graduate prepare for their life after school when they are out of the school which leads to a lot of problem in the society. unless you who strive hard to be different,you can never be different. The world today is about setting goals and achieving those goals. Plan your future which would set that class you want.

Nevertheless,dont forget education is light but it doesn't lead a path only experience does so gain the experience wherever you can live your life to the fullest, play when it calls for and quietly watch the ways of men and you will see a page in the diary of life.

Written by #bowofoluwa#

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The Voice of Hope is really expanding.
Are you a worshipper?
Are you called or into the Ministry
Are you a minister?
Are you a young evangelist?
Are you an usher?
Are you involved in the prayer Ministry?
Are you an exco in your school fellowship?
Would you like to Groom your self in the ministry as from now?

Its not about age or distance friend,you re not too cannot  restrict your ministry or the destinies you're meant to deliver  because you are can't afford to close your hand upon the miracles God wants to do through you...

So rise up and join this ministry,rise up and join these end time has started already and it will expand a through the institutions in Nigeria..The coal has been fanned into Flame.

If you would like to join call or whatsapp us:

Olabisi onabanjo University.
 Ago-iwoye -Ogun state
 pastor loren-08167699403
 pastor Debby on 09099178722
Sagamu ogun-state -08187256618 TVH convener

Federal polytechnic ede
Pastor wande -08132504792
Osun state university (osogbo campus)
Pastor Wande 08132504792.
Christ altar of Mercy Ministery
08187256618 (Tvh convener)
Osgbo -osun state...(TVH  control center).
Pastor taiwo-07061500290
Pastor Samson.

University of Ilorin Kwara state
Pastor Tosin- 07060429967
Minister lamide-09035669514

Ladoke Akintola University
Pastor Olamide-09036050948
Minister Tolani-08165286379
Minister Omotola-08063791335.

Obafemi Awolowo University
Pastor Wande -08132504792.
Even if you'll like us to come establish in your school you can call any of these numbers...

The fire of worship has risen already you're free to Come To Draw....


Are you a Unilag aspirant? Below are past questions that can assist you in your post ume preparation.

Do not use calculator, dictionary or browser.Help yourself by taking it as a real aptitude test.

I will advise,you should set a stopwatch of 30 minutes as it is the standard time for the screening to check your speed and accuracy.

* In case you will like to rectify your answers; just answer it and send it (either A, B, C or D) aligning with question number. Don't forget to put your name at the bottom of your answers

*In each of questions 1 and 2,fill each group with the most appropriate option from the list provided*

1. He ____ not absent himself from lectures
A.  dares
B.  dare
C.  didn't dare
D.  do dare

2. The poor _____ our attention and kindness
A. deserves
B. does deserve
C. do deserve
D. deserve

*Choose the option to nearest in meaning to the word(s)  underlined form.

3. He will be livid if he finds out you are here
A. extremely happy
B. extremely angry
C. Very better
D. Very surprised

4. Do this job while I am away, but take your time
A. be careful
B. be thorough
C. be fast
D. don't be in hurry

*choose the option opposite in meaning*

5. Good students can easily identify spurious arguments
A. genuine
B. Interesting
C. False
D. Illogical

6. The government has been spending more money on preventive rather than on _____ medicine
A. Modern
B. Protective
C. Diagnostic
D. Curative

*choose words with the correct spelling*

7. _____ is a figure of speech
A. Onomatopoeia
B. Onomatopia
C. onomatopeia
D. Onomatopoia

8. Nigeria is out of economic ____
A. Recession
B. Reccession
C. Recesion
D. Reccession

*choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for the sentence*

9.when I leave this country it will be for good. This means that I will
A. Never come back
B. Leave for better conditions elsewhere
C. Become an adventurer
D. Improve my ways

10. Etim decided to go straight. This means that he decided to
A. Hold his head up and walk with defiance
B. Change his religion
C. Live an honest life
D. Stop using drugs

*choose option that has the same vowel sounds*

11. Palm
A. Ranch
B. Florid
C. Lunch
D. Plait

12. Odour
A. Flow
B. Sugar
C. Hold
D. Flour

*choose option that has the same consonants*

13. g nash
A. gorge
B. New
C. King
D. Ring

14. Lose
A. Noise
B. Horse
C. Mouse
D. Nurse

15. Choose the appropriate stress pattern
A.  dediCAtion
B. DEdication
C. DedicaTION
D. deDIcation

16. if α and β are the roots of the equation 2x² - 5x +6=0 find α² + β²
A. 4
B. 3
C. -5/2
D. 1/4

17. If 5 times a number n is subtracted from 15,the result is negative. Which of the following gives the possible value(s) for n
A. 0 only
B. 3 only
C. All n < 3
D. All n > 3

18. The perpendicular distance of the point (2,-1) from the line 3x - 4y + 5=0 is
A. 2
B. 5
C. 4
D. 3

19. If x+1,2x-1 and x+5 are consecutive terms of an AP, find the value of x
A. 2
B. 8
C. 4
D. 3

20. Find the sum of all multiples of 3 between 1 and 100 excluding the multiples of 6
A. 524
B. 867
C. 1026
D. 996

21. Differentiate Cos(7x+3)
A. 7Cos(7x+3)
B. -7Sin(7x+3)
C. -Sin(7x+3)
D. 7xSin(7x+3)

22. How many prime numbers are there between 30 and 50?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

23. If A=(5 3)  find |A|
              (6 7)
A. 21
B. 17
C. 8
D. 12

24. Given that Tan Φ=3/4, Φ is in the second quadrant find Sin2Φ
A. 12
B. 6/5
C. -24/25
D. -4

25. From a point x 50m away from the foot of a flag pole, angle of elevation of the top of the flag pole is 60°.if x is on the same horizontal ground as the foot of the flag pole;find the height of the flag pole.
A. 3√3
B. 50√3
C. 9√7
D. 10√5

26. Evaluate (81)¾ - (27)⅓ ÷ 3 × 2³
A. 27
B. 1
C. 1/3
D. 1

27. (x-2) is a factor of x³+3x²+kx+14,the value of K is
A. -5
B. -2
C. 2
D. -3

28. N72,000 is invested at 80% simple interest. After  how many years has it reached N87,840?
A. 2¾years
B. 2years
C. 3 years
D. 2½ years

29. Two dice are thrown together. What is the probability of getting a sum of 5
A. 1/6
B. 5/16
C. 1/9
D. 1/12

30. Let X = (a, b, c, d). Which statement is correct?
A. {a}  x
B. {a, b}  x
C. b  x
D. n(x)=4

31.The hottest planet in our solar system  is
A. Mercury
B. Mars
C. Venus
D. Earth

32. Which president regime UNILAG name wanted to be changed to MAULAG?
A. Yaradua's regime
B. Obasanjo's regime
C. Jonathan's regime
D. Babaginda's regime

33.Unilag was established in
A. 1952
B. 1969
C. 1962
D. 1959

34.The largest ocean in the world is
A. Indian Ocean
B. Pacific Ocean
C. Southern ocean
D. Atlantic Ocean

35. Which country is at the west-side of Nigeria?
A. Niger
B. Cameroon
C. Benin
D. Togo

36.Comoros is found in which continent?
A. Asia
B. Europe
C. Africa
D. America

37. The statutory corporation is under the supervision of
A. The Chief Justice
B. The commissioner of police
C. A minister
D. A local government chairman

38. President Muhammadu Buhari was born on
A. 19, April 1940
B. 17 ,December 1942
C. 9,  March 1959
D. 24, November 1964

39.The name "Nigeria" was given by ___ in what year?
A. Flora, 1991
B. Lady lugard, 1898
C. Elizabeth, 1809
D. Shaw, 1904

40. Which political party did not partook in the Nigerian 2015 presidential election?
A. African people's party
B. All progressive Congress
C Alliance for democracy
D. None of the above

Arranged by: Mr T


The PSRG-RICHARDSON HSSE FORUM is a platform for the convergence of industry players including Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Financial and FMCG sectors.  It provides a unique opportunity for stakeholders to meet, discuss and analyse issues in Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) practices in Nigeria and relate these with International best practices.
It serves as an avenue to share challenges and proffer workable solutions to issues related to Health, Safety, Security and Environment.
The Forum is a joint initiative of PROCESS SAFETY AND RELIABILITY GROUP (PSRG), Houston and RICHARDSON OIL AND GAS LIMITED, Nigeria.

The aim is to capture and build bridges in HSSE Management across the various industry strata and preach the importance of HSSE practice in business operations.


This year’s event comes up on Tuesday and Wednesday, 19th and 20th September, 2017. 9:00am The venue is EKO HOTEL AND SUITES.

*Free transport to and fro from Unilag*

See you there!


Hi there, it's no longer news that the post-ume has been postponed till further notice and this only imply that prospective akokites now have more time to prepare for the examination which is a direct make up for the suddenness in the announcement of the post-ume aptitude test in the first place. Guys, this is not the time to relax but time to prepare even better! The competition is a stern one as over *90,000* aspirants will be jostling for about *8,000* spaces. This is what I call *the survival of the fittest*!!!

On that note, aspirants should check the school website regularly for new dates as they continue their examination preparation.

Our specialized *UNILAG POST-UME CLASS* is still ongoing as we also have in stock *the original Unilag Post-Ume past questions and detailed answers*

*NB* : The registration for the POST-UME still to end on the 15th of September as scheduled!!!

*Champions Tutorials*


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The ultimate guide to college life.

So I was thinking of my first day in school and what really came to me was what others have thought of, the great decision to be the best.
We're familiar with the most popular student saying "I will be the best". Yes many of us wants to be the best among our peers but not all work towards being the best because we fail to understand that until you do the EXTRA you'll keep getting the ordinary.
Extraordinary people add extra things to the ordinary principles. That's to say you can't be the best if you don't start from being good.

Every student go through the trying stage so you're not alone at stage one and there's no other way to up except through the ground. I'll be giving you some tips that will be useful in your journey of academic success.

1. Identity your purpose.

You don't go to the market without a purpose and such should be applied here. Have you ever wondered why exactly are you in school. There are other options beside getting a degree so for you to make that choice of being in school you got to have a purpose for that.

2. Passion.

I know it seems funny but the same way you want to have fun at a party you must see school as fun. Now you've identified your purpose you need to have passion for it. You cannot keep on paying tuitions when you don't have the zeal to study. Your passion for learning keeps you going, its what make lectures interesting when your fellow students want to be anywhere but the lecture room.

3. Work towards it.

Like I said earlier that it's your passion that gives you that intense desire to read one more chapter after the other till you realize you've covered most of your syllabus. If you're aiming for an A you have to read from a C to a B and before you know it you're on an A
 It takes time and dedication to achieve your goal.

You don't walk out of a store because you didn't get your desire instead you order for it and keep on checking having expectations that you'll get your package at record time and that's the same mindset you should apply here.

4. Balancing schedules.

Now you want to put more effort into reading and you're being invited to a party. While contemplating you remember your church program and you're suppose to rehearsal with the drama band. Intact you'll end up breaking down with all these on your mind. What I did then was to write a schedule and stick to it. It's not easy but your ability to balance your schedule will help you go a long way, it will keep you right on track without sabotaging your plans at the end of the day.

5. Reading planner.

I know a reading planner or timetable seems old fashioned and kind of annoying (yes it was to me), having to follow a written order is sometimes boring and you tend to under OE over do it.
This is one mistake most students make. Yes we know you desperately need an A in that professor's course but you're forgetting you'll also need to pass the lecturer's test.
There are times I put all my effort on one course while lacking behind on others because I thought one was more important than the other when In actual sense a needs to pass all the courses because no one likes a carryover.

6. Moderation is the key.

Now you've read and read and it seems you're falling in love with your books but hey dearie they're other stuffs awaiting you. Remember the schedule you planned earlier, yea, you got to follow it. There's time for everything and marathon reading can actually burn you up faster than you think.

7. Sleep.
Image result for nigerian students sleeping

This is one thing I love. All read and no sleep makes you a robot. You've got to give your brain and body resting time. I'm not saying you have to stick to the eight hour rule (who does that anyway) but you have to give your body time to recover from excessive stress.

8. Have fun.

I'm sure most of you have been waiting for this, here you have it. Have fun, shake a leg girl and go get the ball my football fan. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, so have fun.
College is a life on its own and there are many good things to learn outside the classroom; so meet the right people to get the right things.

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The ultimate guide to college life.

S o I was thinking of my first day in school and what really came to me was what others have thought of, the great decision to be the best. ...