Saturday, 23 December 2017

little tips for this chritmas

this time 0f this season is rare comes ones in a year and is always filled with surprises both for the rich and the poor.



       1.feel the spirit of the season; Christ was born to set us free from the bondages of sin ,feel the assurance within that you are celebrating your redeemer, saviour, Emmanuel, The all sufficient GOD
2. BRING OUT THE BEAUTIFUL YOU ; Dress the season to your taste,   its a time of celebration so dress your self to meet the requirements of the season .
3.WATCH WHAT YOU EAT ; Do not overfeed yourself cauSe you gonna look overweight the next year. eat what you can eat but eat wisely and carefully remember that what you take reflects on your outward appearance .
LOOK BEAUTIFUL AND ENJOY THE SPIRIT OF THE SEASON                                                                                                                            

Friday, 6 October 2017

The Ultimate School Parking List.

Its finally here, the long awaited moving day is here. So you've gotten the admission slot and you're all so anxious to get the new status of UNDERGRADUATE but then you have to overcome every fresher's worst nightmare... PACKING.
    Yea worst because you end up confused on what to pack and even the unesscessary items get thrown in first. But not to worry we have the best guide for you.

Important Documents.

University admissions letter.
All your pre registration documents.
Accommodation documents.
Your bank details and bank card.
Exam certificates.

Electrical Items

Extension box.
Torch/ lamp and charger.
Laptop and charger.
Phone and charger.
Hair dryer and hair styling tools.
An iron.


You're sure to have shopped and overspent on this aspect especially the girls. Well FYI you might not need all that, trust me you don't get to where all the clothes you take to school.

Formal wear (will be a life saver one day).
Casual wears.
Flip flops (Slippers).
Dressing gown (for the outgoing types).
Bag (clutch,purse,school bag e.t.c)
Sweaters (cold days ahead)
Raincoats ( if you don't mind your ego).


Book and notepads.
Glue(life saver)
Post it notes.
Diary/planner.Hole punch.
Stapler. (For verifications).
Text books.

Kitchen Items

You're now on your own so you need to organise your OWN kitchen regardless of being an hostellite or not. You'll need extra cutleries because they tend to disappear, you get the gist.

Bowls and plates.
A saucepan.
A sharp knife.
Dish cloths or sponges.
Plate rack.
A tin opener.
Bottle opener with a corkscrew.

Bedroom Items

Bed(for non hostellites).
Pillow cases.
Cloth hangers.
Laundry bag or basket.Ear plugs.
Water bottle.

Bathroom Items

Toothbrush and toothbrush holder.
Paracetamol and cold & flu medicine for Freshers Flu.
Sponge, soap and case.
Shower gel.
Any personal medication.
Antiseptic cream.
Nail scissors.


A torch.
Swiss army knife.
A sewing kit.
Alarm clock.

Thursday, 5 October 2017


This is to inform the general public that the the Management of the University of Benin has fixed a new date for the *ADMISSION SCREENING EXERCISE.*
The exercise/exam is slated to hold from *Thursday 28th September - 10th October*

*REGISTRATION,* is still on-going and closes on *Monday 25th September*

*FOR MORE INFORMATION, Please Contact these whatsapp numbers:*

_*Cc: C3F CPC*_

Friday, 22 September 2017

A WORD IN WORDS: the bigger shoe size.

I see many ladies out there trying to fit in their relationships striving it to make it worth while in the same lane the guys trying to make her the perfect lady _nothing good comes easy_ friends.

I want to share my story with you
I was a beautiful girl you know,smart, jovial and  full of fun....... Growing up the house I lived doesn't have a water supply, we would fetch water from a house down our street.....hmm on this fateful day, I met SOLOMON,#guyz you have to see this butterflies in my stomach,chai!!# that was love at first flicker. He was a 300 level student way of older than me and advanced educationally I was 15 in class ss3......The kind of girl I am,gets whatever she desires. I started with giving him calls every morning for about 1 and half years, I was the only one doing the calls and talking whenever we meet i.e the guy was oblivious of me but I don't give up after 2 yrs we dated. I was happy on this faithful day he made me his girlfriend and all began,he gave me a set of rules to follow,the kind of friend I should talk to. Well,i felt less concerned about those rules cause of you know happy to be in love,then after the fifth day we had our first fight, guys the cause of this fight was because I talked to whom he was against and then I let go of my pride and started begging him for 6 days he didn't pick my calls during this period.ill stop my story here.
Now,ladies I know we can sometimes be crazy when in love but from the above story I shared I want us to know that the girls approach was _goodly foolish_ don't mind that grammar...
In what sense is it _goodly foolish_ Cause you think the guys worth that stress and you don't worth half the stress. you might say I can't do such, let me help you, some ladies do the clinging thing always want the guy to notice you, if you don't know that also doing the same #goodly foolish # thing. it is so saddening because we have forgotten that _what is meant to be yours would eventually be yours_some would even say I must get that guy cause he is handsome,has a car,the way he speaks is like know God created both gender with brains and looks WHY NOT DEVELOP YOURS? Instead of doing *the man's umbrella can cover me* if he speaks well,you've got a mouth develop your speaking habits. Remember chase your dreams rightly.

Now to the men, a man is always a man have always been told. Now I think men are now the weaker vessels instead of being the stronger vessels, OK you asked WHY? I would explain myself analytically,the strong vessel can withstand any kind of temperate domestic stress and still last for a very long time while the weak one can also withstand temperate and domestic stress but doesn't last for a very long time, the durability in their discipline is the difference. I see many guys go weak by the ladies figure,looks,the legs.... not enough reasons to go weak. What of the character, fidelity Gauge ARE THEY BLINKING GREEN? I know you can't close your eyes when you see that beautiful lady _beauty for ashes_ remember, you can take control of your thoughts and actions. I wish men allowed the spirit to take control of their thoughts and actions, it would be far easier
The character,fidelity Gauge takes note of things like:
* her level of intelligence
* her reasoning,thinking faculty,the way she talks,reacts and actions to issues
All this should better make the man weak
In the modeling business all that matters to the judge or designer is the models carriage and posture,the looks and figure is just a plus to the model. If things are checked in properly there would be no cause for alarm in future

So ladies and men I hoped we gained from my scribbles
Please any thoughts different from mine. You can
Comment below.


A Revengeful Heart.

You live in this world of evil
Heart set on evil
Your own enemy you made livid
Because you have to pay back
Since you've been hurt
Pains and sadness must be felt by those who made it set
Not bothered if blood was shed
But desires to be met
Her plans ain't in lack
Cause it's all in stack
And it not one of a quack
It been planned by the heart
Just like that and then
The conscience left
Leaving behind you
The one you let loose

Forgotten life doesn't work in one's lot
There would be thorns
But a large one accommodates all
A weak one set evil in stall


Sunday, 17 September 2017

7 proven ways to gaining self confidence.

Everyone looks in the mirror, see themselves and smile because they love their looks, they're so confident in it that they can go anywhere and approach anyone, but this wasn't the same case with me. What's worse than being shy?,  It's having low self esteem.
        In trying to gain self confidence there are steps you must take just as I did and these are:

1.  Acknowledge the problem.
   I grew up indoors, trusting my head more than people's words. It made me understand less about jokes, less about how people interact and how to fit in but amidst all this, my greatest problem was CONFIDENCE in myself. I had low self esteem because I didn't trust my looks. I'd see others and I'd wish to look more like them because I love the way they look more than the way I look. I'd always wish for a face change.
          This made me not to like jokes nor interact with everyone. People are used to hurling insults whenever they feel offended and it mostly gets on my wrong side, “See your big eyes, see your lips”. Then it'd make me rage a lot and I'd cry to myself because I felt offended, like those words are true but one day I had the chance to sit and think. I asked myself, “Was I created just to look good and impress people?. Is my only purpose looking at the mirror and feeling impressed?”.

2. Change your mindset.
 Truthfully, the way I loook should be the least of my worries but it's not like that anymore. Everyone's cyyoncerned about how they look and they've becomed focused on how they're meant to look, not how they are A PERFECT BODY.
     There's nothing such as a body being perfect. A body without flaws, excess fat or stretch marks is something you see in Cinderella, a work of fiction. Unfortunately you see girls trying to reduce their weight because they believe being thin is the trend now. Well, shame on that thought. Why would you bleach because you hate your skin colour and you believe being light attracts people more?. This isn't related to girls alone as guys also try to build '6 packs abs' and would do anything for it.
I recently asked a friend why he's interested in building his physique and he said “This is what girls love nowadays. If I should take off my shirt, she'll fall for me”. I was surprised because I asked myself “Is it only looks and physique girls care about?”. Come to think of it, most people aren't interested in someone who can't bill all their needs and there you are, body building and dieting because you want someone to crush on you.

3. Love yourself.
You see kids as young as 7 years old wanting to diet, all because they're ashamed of their body. I once saw a movie where a teenager's inner self almost killed her because she was ASHAMED OF HER BODY. It's not a work of fiction, it's the truth. Why go to the extreme by changing things about your divine body all because you don't look like the  'PERFECT'  human.

          So far I'm healthy, shouldn't my looks be just my concern. I shouldn't be stereotyped just because I don't look 'PERFECT'.

4. Redefine perfection.
Come to think of it, what does the world mean by perfect?. Is it the figures magazines portray with their models that's perfect?. Let's forget about religion, I'm sure whoever the creator is, he created us in different designs so we don't look identical. Every single person has a unique feature and that's what makes them special. I HAVE A BIG HEAD?.. Think of all I'm to accomplish with it.. BIG LIPS?.. Maybe, just maybe it's meant to deliver the world from its shackles since the mouth is a powerful weapon.. FAT STATURE?.. Lol 😁.. The creator knows I'll be facing a lot of windy situations but it mustn't carry me away because I have a lot to deliver.

       More so, when we were created, if we were made perfect, then now that we're on Earth, how come we keep on failing to create a perfect machine. Maybe that's because our imperfections are exactly what makes us perfect.. Crazy right?.

5. Change is constant.
        The same person you're dieting for, working out for, have you ever thought of the fact that the person's taste could change?. Whoever will love you will love you for who you are. Beauty isn't a prerequisite for love, it's a prerequisite for lust. The person meant for you will love you for who you are. Be successful in your endeavors and you won't need to run after people, regardless of how you think you look.

6. Gain confidence.
If you want to live your life without the low self esteem that your body causes, then be clean and healthy always; It gives a sense of confidence. Never listen to what everyone says; Insulting people's body is a way they cover up for their own flaws. Also, look for something that you feel connected to. Doesn't have to be love, probably taking pictures of nature, cooking or baking, travel, go canoeing, eat delicacies from different parts of the world and do it with people who care about you.

7. Grow your confidence.
Doing the things that makes you happy will help a lot.
Always be with successful and positive minded people, people who make you want to think about something meaningful to do, something beneficial to the world.
The biggest work likes with you though.
Always be positive and confident in yourself. You look the best you can. Be confident.
Don't go trying to make corrections to things the creator has already perfected. You're already perfect the way you are, all you have to do is believe it.
The creator created us with respect to himself. What could be more honorable?. Let's be proud of that.

Wow.. If you're still reading, seems it really caught your attention.. I hope it helps you positively.. Thanks for your time..

Written by Osingunwa Nelson.


After securing admission into the university of your choice,the faculty and course you earnestly prayed for. You feel on top of the world,you become king of hearts and ladies queen of the coast.

You feel like you've achieved something nobody else has achieved,you on top of the academic ladder true it's the last phase in academics though,you even start choosing class of friends to talk to"my medicine and law freshmen "I know it ain't easy gaining admission to study this top courses,utmost respect for you guys.

The next thing you think of is turning your body to a fashion catalogue,the latest gucci,moschino,versace,celine dior and to the ladies you get the latest khloe lipstick. All this are really good seriously though fashion is life also life isn't about fashion or class. An adage says as you lay your bed so you lie on it,why not use your freshmen life to start laying the most exquisite bed you ever thinked of, laying those goals for your life should be more of interest to you.yoruba says "ati okere Jin Jin Ni elekun ti mu ekun sun." Start that preparation for your life now.

I see many youths or let me say graduate prepare for their life after school when they are out of the school which leads to a lot of problem in the society. unless you who strive hard to be different,you can never be different. The world today is about setting goals and achieving those goals. Plan your future which would set that class you want.

Nevertheless,dont forget education is light but it doesn't lead a path only experience does so gain the experience wherever you can live your life to the fullest, play when it calls for and quietly watch the ways of men and you will see a page in the diary of life.

Written by #bowofoluwa#

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